“As a commercial banker dealing with high-profile clients, I often run into borrowers who have problems with their credit. These problems left uncorrected prevent these people from obtaining the commercial credit they require to conduct their businesses. I have worked with Bob Harrington of Credit Repair of New Mexico in many cases and in each situation he has helped the individual to significantly repair his or her credit.

In an industry rife with scams and unrealistic promises, Bob actually delivers what he says he will – professionally, comprehensively, and confidentially. He works diligently to get the credit information corrected, the scores improved and the customer educated on how best to enhance and maintain their credit profiles. And he goes a step further by following up to ensure the results are long-lasting.

Bob Harrington is the only person I recommend for credit repair help. He’s a great guy with a genuine caring attitude who fully understands the complex credit-rating process. I trust him implicitly!”